Oceans Breath - The complete retreat to awaken your body, mind and soul.

The various practices, workshops and longboard surf sessions allow this threefold approach to unfold in a harmonious way and work on different layers of our being.

While the Body learns to let go of old patterns and learn something new through Surf it would allow you to embrace the power of the ocean…allowing you to glide with flow. The salt water that we are made of, when surrounded by salt water around, is nothing short of therapy in itself.

Longboard surfing is the original form of surfing, and there is nothing more elegant and in tune with the sea than a longboarder gliding on the waves. If something distinguishes the longboard, it is undoubtedly the flow - flowing with the wave and letting it carry you, enjoying the sea and the pleasure of being in the ocean. Longboarding is generally a slower paced and more relaxed style of surfing and it is perfectly in harmony with Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, Asana and mobility exercises.

In working with the Mind you shall experiment with unlearning and relearning through Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and mobility exercises. You will work with both the logical, reasoning, left-brain part of yourself as well as the feeling, intuitive and creative right-brain part during the practice sessions.

Asana (physical practice) is the first tool to calm the waves of the mind. In keeping with the connection between body and mind, the Asanas will be chosen to balance your surf day. Depending on the tide we might warm up or stretch to cool down. Complementary sessions of breathwork round up the practice.

The Soul will be nourished through Selfwork and creative self-expression in the water and out of it! You will be served a nourishing breakfast, and the local cuisine will nourish your soul. We highly recommend you to explore the typical food of the earth and the water of Lanzarote.

This retreat intends to take you on a deep inner journey in connection with the element of water. If this speaks to you, do not hesitate to drop us a word.

Tapashi and Anika have years of experience guiding retreats and working with intricate human emotional release during these programmes. They come together with Niccolò for their shared love of longboarding – a practice in finding grace, a lifestyle and an art. Nicco is a passionate longboard coach based on the island of Lanzarote, who has dedicated his work and life to this beautiful sport.

Ocean's Breath
Surf & Yoga Retreat

04.05 — 11.05.2024
Villa Delight & Villa Hibiscus
Playa Famara, Lanzarote

let's glide together
& reTREAT yourself.

04.05 - 11.05.2024
latest registration

(per Person/ 7 Nights)

Villa Delight (2 bathrooms to be shared)

Single room with big bed EUR 1295,-
Single room with big bed, shared within two friends EUR 1190,-
Shared room, with 2 single beds EUR 1190,-

Casa Hibiscus (1 bathroom to be shared)

Single room with a big bed EUR 1225,-
Single room with big bed, shared within two friends EUR 1155,-
Shared room, with 2 single beds EUR 1120,-


We will be staying in two oceanside villas, in the beautiful town Famara, Lanzarote

What's included?

Two sessions of yoga & meditation daily
One session of surf daily
Sharing circles & workshops
Tools for self-healing
Unlimited access to herbal teas & coffee

What's not included?

Flights and insurance
Airport transfer (we recommend renting a car, if you plan to get around the island. Taxis and buses are also available)
Any extra activity, massage or spa treatment
Lunch & Dinner

registration and questions

get to know co-host Tapashi

get to know your surf coach Niccolo

We are happy to welcome you, at the beautiful beach of Famara, Lanzarote!

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